The Project

About DigiChecks

Managing construction permits involves many actors, from architects, engineers, and designers to the owner
The owner needs to assure the construction complies with all the technical and legal requirements
There is no common language that allows interoperability between different regions or authorities
The data is stored in siloed applications
By digitizing and standardizing these processes, actors will be able to reduce effort and ensure strict compliance.
DigiChecks aims to create a new Digital Framework to facilitate the management of construction permits.

DigiChecks is a second step towards achieving the goal of DigiPLACE, which aims to facilitate digitization in the construction industry.


Enabling permit authorities to build fit-for-purpose permit solutions faster and more secure.

Implementing the first basic pillar of the reference architecture of DigiPLACE.

Implementing the second pilar of DigiPLACE, ensuring date control and sovereignty of the information.

To integrate automated verification and validation of permits and checks data on compliance with EU standards

Implementing data integration to make unified information available for permitting processes.

To provide and validate integration with IFC models including Virtual Reality interaction.

Demonstrate the applicability and replicability of the technological solution.

Demonstrate optimization achieved by the proposed solution aimed at reducing the lead time.

Achieve progress in accelerating the EU’s regulatory adaption and standards adoption.

To analyse and propose effective business models that enable widespread adoption.

The methodology plan


Regulations, Domain Standards and Technology Layers will come together to define requirements for the Framework both from a governmental and industrial standpoint, as well as define additional metrics to measure the success of the project


Business, application, and solution layers will be addressed in this phase, as well as OpenAPIS and Connectors in the Data Space that will control the entire concept, including the design of the project


Following the methodology, the user layer will develop a vertical platform to ensure stakeholders’ integration.


DigiChecks proposes three pilots in different areas of construction, where the solution will be developed and its use in permits and compliance checks will be validated by all stakeholders.