Pilot 3

Building for office use, Austria

The Pilot 3 is a building for office use scenario that will be built in prefabricated timber-hybrid construction in Bregenz (Austria).

The building for office use scenario will be built in prefabricated timber-hybrid construction, providing around 140 workplaces. The scenario will be a new 7-storey-office and an extension and new office building for Rhomberg Bau located in the business area “Schoeller2welten” in Bregenz (Austria). The construction is designed by CREE.

DigiChecks will use one of the different sections that includes the planning of an office building to validate its developments. All stakeholders will validate the usability of the DigiChecks Framework in permits and compliance checks. The use of Digital tools in this pilot is linked to BIM (for Design, Coordination, Planning, Cost Control). All this information is processed in a Common Data Environment to be distribute along the stakeholders in the project.

The processes involved in this pilot are:

  • Preliminary procedures: building permission, other authorizations and approvals consultations, coordination of planning team
  • Construction process: production and assembly of prefabricated elements, certifications and quality checks, project handover

Functional description:

Approximately 140 workplaces are to be accommodated in the new office building. The following functions are defined on the ground floor: Reception, back office and waiting area – in addition, a large meeting room; a large social area with outdoor access will also be located here. Floors 1-5 are planned entirely as office floors – both individual office and open-plan office structure; on floors 2-4 a connection to the existing Rhomberg office building is planned in order to accommodate larger departments on one level. The top floor, like the ground floor, will have a general function; a large meeting room with a corresponding foyer will serve both for internal company events and as a lounge area for employees.

Description of the structural system:

The floor slab and the vertical access core consist of a reinforced concrete construction. The walls, ceilings, landings, and staircases of the staircase core are made of in-situ concrete or precast concrete elements. The ceilings are built in wood-concrete composite construction and are supported on glulam columns on the façade side and on a steel central beam and reinforced concrete composite columns in the middle zone. Together with the development core, they ensure the building’s stability. All columns are made of wood, steel, reinforced concrete or reinforced concrete composite. The ceiling of the attic consists of a primary steel structure supported on steel or reinforced concrete composite columns. The roof itself is a steel or timber lightweight construction. The office building will be constructed with conventional flat foundations. The exterior walls are designed as a curtain-type timber frame construction.