Pilot 2

Building for residential use, Spain

The Pilot 2 is a building for residential use scenario that will be an edification of a new block of flats in Madrid (Spain).

The building for residential use scenario will be a multi-story residential building with common areas, such as a paddle court, a pool, and a playground for children, and the access for people and vehicles. The construction is designed by Realia.

DigiChecks will use one of the different sections of the building that include structures and masonry to validate its developments. All stakeholders will validate the usability of the DigiChecks Framework in permits and compliance checks. The use Digital tools in this pilot scenario that is linked to BIM (for Planning, Cost Control) and all the information will be processed in a Common Data Environment to be distributed along the different stakeholders in the project.

The processes involved in this pilot are:

  • Preliminary procedures: building license, verification of the onsite setting-out, other authorizations and approvals, opening of the “Work Centre”, and readiness for construction document signature.
  • Construction process: use of public thoroughfares, works permit, monthly certifications and checks, legalization of installations, final Certificate of Work, final reception of work.
  • Post-contraction: Validation/Legalization, first occupancy license, certificate of the finished work.

It will be a similar pilot: