The Consortium

FCC Construcción

FCC Construcción SA (FCC Construcción) is an international construction company based in Spain, that provides environmental, water, and construction services. FCC works with different process approach in different geographical locations and has access to a global digital internal infrastructure to manage some specific installations.

Within DigiChecks, FCC Construcción is the Project Coordinator and a pilot provider with a demonstration site in the United Kingdom.


REALIA BUSINESS SA (REALIA) has expertise in process procedures and compliance, as well as in the development, management, and exploitation of constructions.

Within DigiChecks, REALIA work as a pilot stakeholder and promoter and a pilot provider with a demonstration site in Spain.


FUNDACION TEKNIKER (TEKNIKER) has over 33 years of research experience, has contributed to 268 projects, and has led 23% of them. TEKNIKER also participates in the International Data Space. It is related to the enforcement of data sovereignty and the GAIA-X project.

TEKNIKER develop a scientific coordinator, data sovereignty-data exchange and semantic technology’s role within DigiChecks.


IDP Ingenieria y arquitectura Iberia SL (IDP) is a small and medium-sized business (SME) that works in engineering, environment, and architecture, with extensive experience in BIM methodologies. Experts in BIM methodology applied to construction, as well as Virtual Reality, Common Data Structures, and the use of IDP’s Digital Twin Platform and Digital Twin PaaS/SaaS platforms.

IDP is a technology provider within DigiChecks. IDP integrates with Digital Twin platforms and BIM models.


Ibermática SA is a global company offering IT services since 1973. Experts in digital transformation and in the development and integration of interoperability technologies.

Within DigiChecks, Ibermática provides a systems integrator development of the application layer.


Building Digital Twin Association (BDTA) is a non-profit association that works to shape the future of the Building Digital Twin industry. BDTA has extensive knowledge of the internal methodology for calculating an indicative amount of privacy risks for a given protocol. As well as direct links with potential stakeholders.

Within DigiChecks, BDTA manages data privacy and certification protocols.


Neanex Technologies (Neanex) is a technology and consultancy company based in Belgium but operating across Europe. Neanex is an expert in asset life cycle information management, systems engineering, semantic modelling, building information modelling and in creating and working with ontologies in the construction industry. Besides helping contractors, owners, architects, … in the daily activity of managing data around assets, Neanex is also introducing a brand new Digital Asset Register, connecting information, BIM, tools, and people across all disciplines and across the entire asset lifecycle.

Within DigiChecks, Neanex works on interoperability and the semantic model in the ontology field.


SEMMTECH is an SME IT Service Provider and expert on interoperability. They combine expertise in data and technology with a deep knowledge of complex Engineering industries, including Construction. Semmtech adds value by helping organizations share information more between departments, different software, and within their supply chains.

Within DigiChecks, Semmtech provides interoperability through semantic ontologies, and is working on translating (PDF) regulations and requirements to Linked Data Specification Libraries and Object Type Libraries through the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies.


Digital Construction BV (DC) is an SME business that developed an IT systems contractor side, mapping of processes and building the system for it.

Within DigiChecks, DC provides data sovereignty and data exchange.


Bureau Veritas Construction (Bureau Veritas), as a certification body, has access to ICHECK for building®, which checks BIM models for fire safety compliance with French housing regulations.

Within DigiChecks, Bureau Veritas works with the regulatory environment and certification stakeholders.


CREE Buildings (CREE) is an international construction collective for regenerative building solutions. Their headquarters is based in Austria. They have developed a unique timber-hybrid system that enables their partners to plan smartly and build sustainably around the globe.

Within DigiChecks, CREE Buildings works as a pilot provider and stakeholder.


The Universiteit of Gent (UGent) works with the LBD server, an upcoming open software solution for managing federated, heterogeneous building data and creating modular user interfaces (UI).

Within DigiChecks, its main role will be focused on the interoperability and Semantics.


PKF ATTEST INNCOME SL (innCome) is an SME company with large expertise in EU Project Management, R&D&I Communication-Management & Legal, fiscal and audit expertise.

Within DigiChecks, innCome provides a management and communication role.