DigiChecks at the European Big Data Value Forum

Last 27th October, DigiChecks was at the European Big Data Value Forum (EBDVF) in Valencia, Spain.

The session titled “Unlocking interoperability: the dataspace protocol in research projects and sustainability via open-source ecosystems” counted with the participation of lots of key speakers, who spoked about “Dataspace Protocol”, an innovative standard developed by the International Data Spaces Association to address the technical interoperability challenges of data spaces.

Gonzalo Gil Inchaurza, a PhD student and researcher from Tekniker, one of the consortium members of DigiChecks,  presented “How to implement GAIA-X, the IDS Reference Architecture, and the Dataspace Protocol together with the EDC in DigiChecks”.

Gonzalo Gil shared insights into how DigiChecks is adopting GAIA-X and IDS components within the Data Space System Layer with special attention on the EDC, its implementation of the Data Space protocol and new challenges now faced by IDS Connectors apart from interoperability such as trust management based on SSI and data sovereignty based on usage control technologies.

The slides and recordings can be found here.