DigiChecks Consortium met in Madrid for the WP7 Kick-off

On October 2nd, the DigiChecks consortium gathered in Madrid for the WP7 Kick-off meeting. The purpose of this meeting was to align strategies for the Work Package 7 (WP7) – Demonstration of the Business Case – Pilots deployment.

The DigiChecks consortium has met to kick off the work programme of the project which has specific tasks and goals (WP7). The objective of the meeting was to plan and align the strategies for demonstrating the business benefits of the DigiChecks project through pilot deployments.

The meeting started with a review of the work accomplished in WP6 – Development of the Business Case – Pilot Platform, specifically diving into the crucial sub-processes of Tasks 6.1 and 6.2 by Digital Construction.

Ibermática also provided updates related to “DigiChecks Hello World”, which aimed to develop a versatile solution covering core components of the DigiChecks architecture, such as BPM engine, permit process UI, data space management, project data, BIM, and compliance checking.

Subsequently, the discussions were focused on the three pilot projects DigiChecks: Pilot 1 (Wales by FCC Construcción), Pilot 2 (Spain by Realia), and Pilot 3 (Austria by CREE Buildings). These discussions allowed DigiChecks partners to gain insights into the ongoing development of these pilots and the strategies driving them forward. The pilot sessions began, with each pilot’s process diagram explained, including key inputs and outputs.

The meeting concluded with key takeaways and the next steps. The aim was to have a testable iteration before the next General Assembly in Barcelona. Also, there were planned regular progress meetings to identify and resolve issues, involving key partners from various Work Packages (WPs).