DigiChecks Consortium Gears Up for WP7 Kick-off Meeting in Madrid

On the 2nd of October, the WP7 Kick-off meeting of the DigiChecks project is set to take place in Madrid, representing an important milestone in the project’s development. All partners of the DigiChecks project will gather with the common goal of aligning their strategies for WP7 – Demonstration of the Business Case – Pilots deployment.

The first item of the meeting will be a review of the work accomplished in WP6. Digital Construction will delve into the essential sub-processes of Tasks 6.1 and 6.2. In addition, Ibermática will present the latest updates related to “DigiChecks Hello World”.

The meeting will feature discussions about the three pilot projects of the DigiChecks project (Pilot 1: Wales by FCC Construcción, Pilot 2: Spain by Realia, and Pilot 3: Austria by CREE Buildings). These pilots will be explored by DigiChecks partners to gain insight into their ongoing development and the strategies behind them.

The day will culminate in a conclusion session, where all participants will focus on extracting key takeaways and charting the course for future plans and collaborations.

This meeting serves as an opportunity for all DigiChecks consortium members to network, collaborate, and share insights. It represents a step in advancing the objectives of WP7 and ensuring the overall success of the DigiChecks project.