DigiChecks attends the 35th CAiSE Conference 2023

35th International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering (CAiSE) Conference 2023, hosted in Zaragoza, Spain. Bram Bazuin, Head of Fields at Semmtech, one of the DigiChecks consortium partners, will KG4SDSE (Knowledge Graphs for Semantics-driven Systems Engineering) to present their recommendations towards knowledge-graph based requirements management in construction.

The workshop will be part of Session 1, held between 11:00 and 12:30 (CET) and will be centred around the DigiChecks project, specifically highlighting explicit Requirements Management for standardizing, and automating the Verification & Validation (V&V) process in construction projects.

The research presented at the conference is the first paper published on the EU DigiChecks Project. Sprinerg Nature, a leading publisher of influential journals and a pioneer in open research will publish the paper, titled “Towards Recommendations for Knowledge-Graph-based Requirements Management in Construction: A Report on the EU DigiChecks Project”, as part of the workshop proceedings, in the book “Advanced Information Systems Engineering Workshop” Available to order here.

The authors of the paper, Bram Bazuin, Sander Stolk, and Marco Stevens, aim to standardize and automate the V&V process of permit requirements in construction projects. They propose four levels of explicitness for modelling requirements, with model-based requirements offering the highest automation potential. However, their high explicitness challenges current Permit Requirements Management (PRM) processes and human understanding. As a solution, the authors suggest using an intermediate level of enriched text, supported by knowledge graph technology. This approach maintains the benefits of document-based processes while improving machine interpretability and permitting compliance in different contexts.

The CAiSE Conference series, now in its 35th edition, will be organized by SVIT at San Jorge University and held in Zaragoza. Known as the platform for innovation and research in Information Systems Engineering, this year’s conference emphasizes Cyber-Human Systems. The focus of this theme revolves around the interconnected relationship between humans and computing, with the goal of enhancing human abilities to navigate complex environments.

DigiChecks‘ participation in the CAiSE Conference 2023 signifies their dedication to addressing the challenges of requirements management in construction projects, leveraging their expertise to contribute to the advancement of the field.