DigiChecks attended the 3BDTIC 

On May 3rd, DigiChecks attended the Third Building Digital Twins International Conference (3BDTIC) hosted at The Beacon in Antwerp (Belgium). The conference was organized by the Building Digital Twin Association (BDTA), one of DigiChecks consortium partners.

The event was dedicated to Building Digital Twins and aimed to showcase the latest digital twin technologies and innovative solutions in the construction industry. During the conference, there were workshops including Linked Data & Ontologies, Building Digital Twins for Infrastructures, Sister Projects (DigiChecks, ACCORD and CHECK), and Privacy and Metrics. As well, there were four keynote speakers who presented ten-minute presentations, followed by a Round Table focused on Digital Twin Urban issues, Use Cases, and European projects.

Image 1. Louise Dam

Mathias Bonduel, Consultant at Neanex, one of DigiChecks’ partners and involved in different DigiChecks activities, moderated a workshop focused on Linked Data & Ontologies in different EU projects. During the workshop, 9 EU projects were presented. Semmtech, one of the DigiChecks partners, dedicated a presentation to the DigiChecks project ‘Application of ontologies in DigiChecks’. Louise Dam, Field Leader AI at Semmtech, and Wouter Lubbers, Field Leader Linked Data, at Semmtech gave insight into the DigiChecks project by discussing the output of the first work package, discussing the WIP of task 2.2 and ending with a more elaborate discussion of the application of ontologies.

Image 2. Juan Ramon Mena

Juan Ramon Mena, Digital-BIM Manager at FCC Construcción, our partner coordinator, talked about DigiChecks and the actual status of the project. Juan Ramon focused on the objectives of the project and how DigiChecks can manage any kind of permit in the construction industry, following the different principles that the consortium has agreed to develop the project.

Image 3. Mathias Evaraert

Mathias Everaert, Lead Consultant in Neanex, one of DigiChecks’ partners, talked about how the Digital Twin Register of Neanex supports the Energy transition and mentioned how Neanex is contributing to the DigiChecks-project. Neanex focuses on interoperability and the semantic model of the DigiChecks-framework and shares knowledge and expertise about ontologies and Linked Data and how to apply them in construction projects.

Also, DigiChecks’ sister projects, ACCORD and CHEK, participated in the event. Both European projects are funded under the same call as DigiChecks, on “HORIZON-CL4-2021-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-10”. The key speakers were Rita Lavikka from ACCORD, and Jantien Stoter, from CHEK.