DigiChecks at the Sustainable Places Conference 2022

On the last 8th of September, our partner Building Digital Twin Association (BDTA) has participated in the Sustainable Places Conference 2022. The conference was the 10th annual edition held from the 6 to the 9th of September, with the in-person sessions hosted in Nice, France, as well as online sessions.

Our partner, BDTA, held a workshop on “Privacy Metrics Tool for Building Digital Twins Trustworthiness” This workshop was oriented to explain the Privacy Metric Tool for home monitoring and AI advanced control based on mathematical models. This tool is one of the standards presented at CEN442 WG9.

During the workshop, there was a presentation about future works and the development of this standard proposal that will be supported by DigiChecks.

Pablo Vicente Legazpi presented the draft of privacy metrics tool for home monitoring and there were two speakers more: Pedro Meda (Researcher/Project Manager at Instituto da Construção/Construction Institute – Porto University Faculty of Engineering) and André van Delft MSc (DEMO Consultants, project BIMSPEED).

The draft of Privacy Metric Tool for home monitoring was well received and a couple of days ago was presented at CEN442 WG9 for future discussions.

People present at the workshop agreed that it is simple to understand and can be a good help for designing control processes at home involving sensors, AI or complex devices in general.